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Subterranean darkness Shadows appear, dark and murky. slowly we become aware of A muffled, pulsing sound; like a distant, booming Heartbeat.

Suddenly a bright light unzips the amniotic darkness; two Great hands reach in to assist what we now realize is a Caesarean birth.

Age five seconds, opens her eyes wide. in the b.g., we Can see a nurse methodically giving cpr to the unseen Mother; the decor beyond tells us we are in a small-town Doctor’s office. the doctor holds ellie as he calls Softly to the nurse.

Doctor You can call it, nan. mark time of Birth as… 12:04 a.m. (looking down at the Baby) Happy new year, little lady. (to the nurse) Tell ted he has a girl.

Ted arroway stands watching through the window in the Office door. numb.

Baby’s tiny hand

Clasps its mother’s finger.

Cut to:

Wide tableau

Ted, holding his newborn daughter, sitting quietly next to The bed where his sheet-covered wife still lies.

Ext. main street (nehalem, oregon) – dawn

Ted, carefully holding little ellie, walks down the empty Street, his footsteps echoing…

Deep space – message

Rockets through a black dust cloud where young stars are Just beginning to glow. an icy worldlet evaporates, Releasing gasses which blow away in spectral bursts of Iridescent color…

Surface of alien world

We are moving over an exotic, technological landscape; Strange alien squelches and squeals become audible —

— and then a child’s hand reaches in and twists a giant Dial on what we now see is an old shortwave radio.

Ellie (v.o.) Cq cq wr2 gfo… wr2 gfo, come back.

Int. arroway house – night

Six-year old ellie leans in towards a large microphone.

Ellie Cq wr2 gfo, do you copy? (calls) I’m not getting anything.

Ted joins his daughter at the workbench where she sits in Front of the short-wave, her feet dangling from the stool. He puts his hands on her shoulders.